InstaCuppa Detox Bottle Infuser!

Multi purpose Infuser bottle that works best for both loose tea leaves as well as fruit infusions to your chilled water.

Easy to carry on with a tea infuser made of pure steel.

Fruit Infused water?

Fruit infused waters are a great alternative to water because they taste amazing and they’re made with super healthy ingredients. These beverages can help you to lose weight, detoxify your body or get rid cellulite and they’re so cheap!


Since it’s the season of Strawberry, We recommend strawberries, oranges and mint leaves.

Mix them all together, add cold water, place the steel infuser & close the lid.

Voila ready!

Tea Infusers: This winter try some Rose leaves infused teas for a hint of sweetness and freshness!

Buy Now:

glass infuseer


What do you think? Any recipe you recommend? Tell us in the comments below!


Until Next Time!


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